Janet Zak<br>Recruitment Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center Las Vegas, Nevada

Janet Zak
Recruitment Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center Las Vegas, Nevada

Ironman Staffing has been an excellent source of physician and mid level placement. lronman, Rob Piotrowski is extremely hands on and always is there to answer questions and connect both provider and office recruitment department together; making a perfect fit.

Rob has been an exceptional Recruiter with his ability to find the exact candidate for our locations in an extremely timely fashion. All of Ironman Staffing's candidates have been fully vetted with education and previous employment verified. I am always assured that each and every candidate is verified through Ironman with backup recommendations.

You cannot go wrong choosing Ironman Staffing Medical Services for your physician and mid level (Nursing Practitioner/Physician Assistant) needs.

I highly recommend Ironman and you will be as satisfied as I have been over the years using Rob Piotrowki as my first source for recruitment.